Intel Optane Memory-An Affordable Solution

This is a new advancement in technology powered by Intel. It was released in CES in the first quarter of 2017. So basically, what is Intel Optane Memory???

Working of intel optane memory
It's as simple as a hybrid hard drive...


Intel Optane Memory uses 3D XPoint technology which offers increased performance and endurance as compared to the high-end SSD's available right now. It has much lower latency compared to existing storage technologies except cache and system ram. At the same time, it has much greater data density when compared to system ram or cache. Hence it acts as a bridge between your DRAM and storage (HDD or SSD).

It accelerates your system providing short boot times, fast application launches and greater responsiveness. Furthermore, it is a Non-Volatile module so you don’t have to worry about the power supply and information will be stored in it. As a result, it can be used as an extension to system memory or for caching purpose.


Intel Optane Memory is a great alternative for most of the consumers who cannot afford expensive SSD's and get almost equal performance with the combination of HDD and optane memory. It costs only 44$ for the 16GB variant and 77$ for the 32GB variant. Currently, it's only compatible with the Intel's 7th gen Kaby Lake processors. In the future, it will be a great boon to many consumers around the world offering an affordable solution...

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