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I am a software engineer who loves to solve business problems using technology. I have always been fascinated by how we can express our thoughts into code and produce the desired output. I believe programming has the power to explore new possibilities and improve people's lives. I have enjoyed working on multiple software roles throughout my career in web, mobile application development, UI/UX, and machine learning. Being a tech enthusiast, I love to read blogs & articles that showcase the latest technologies and inventions. Other interests include listening to music, playing cricket.


Things that I'm good at.



July 9

Urban Company - Software Development Engineer 2 (Jan 2022 - Present)

  • Designed and implemented batching system to optimize customer-partner matches, published a tech blog for the same
  • Built the flow for capturing partner feedback on not accepting a job, gathered more than 100K data points
  • Collaborated with the growth team to launch the instant bookings pilot, developed custom requirements in matchmaking for successful launch in the US
  • Introduced new process for code reviews and organized knowledge sharing sessions within the matchmaking pod of 8 folks

Tech Stack - Microservices · TypeScript · Node.js · JavaScript · MongoDB · Apache Kafka · Apache Airflow · Elastic Stack (ELK) · Grafana · Snowflake · Jest

November 29

Urban Company - Software Development Engineer 1 (Nov 2020 - Jan 2022)

Part of the Matchmaking engineering team

Our job is to find the best-suited partner that can serve a customer's request. It involves calculating complex predictive metrics using multiple signals around partner availability, skills, current inventory, preferences, location, historical behaviour, and other parameters. We need to make constant trade-offs between partner economics, marketplace economics, and customer delight while maintaining the overall fairness of the system.

  • Implemented a workflow to sync matchmaking configuration files between local storage & google drive which helped the product managers & business folks to cut all their manual efforts by 60%
  • Built dashboards for visualising & comparing matchmaking configuration files thereby improving the overall transparency of the matchmaking process
  • Worked on the end-to-end deprecation of matchmaking's monolith & migration to microservices. This reduced the overall response time by more than 50%. Was responsible for redesigning, migrating, and platforming many fulfillment use cases. Migrated 46 APIs, 12 Kafka events & backfilled 8 database collections. This drastically helped to reduce the tech debt. It also improved the overall system performance since the new system scaled well during peak times

Tech Stack - Microservices · TypeScript · Node.js · JavaScript · MongoDB · Apache Kafka · Apache Airflow · Elastic Stack (ELK) · Grafana · Snowflake · Jest

June 1

NTT DATA, Tokyo - Machine Learning Intern (June 2019 - July 2019)

  • Conducted capacity planning of CPU usage and analysis of apache web access logs using python
  • Prepared a logstash pipeline to parse more than 10+ million data records, performed exploratory data analysis using kibana & grafana
  • Implemented time series forecasting model using prophet, defined machine learning jobs for anomaly detection in elasticsearch
  • Created a standalone web application for the same using voila, jupyter notebook & ipywidgets

Tech Stack - Python · Prophet (Machine Learning) · Elastic Stack (ELK) · InfluxDB · Grafana · Voila

January 15

PICT ACM Student Chapter - App Developer & Volunteer (Jan 2017 - Feb 2017)

  • Built the Android Application for Pulzion 2017, an annual technical fest held by the PICT ACM Student Chapter (PASC)
  • Technical team member for the events - Quiz to Bid and Fandom Quiz
August 2

Pune Institute of Computer Technology (Aug 2016 - Nov 2020)

B.E. - Computer Engineering

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